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Jacques Weemaels

He was born in a room that has become his workshop today.
The image of the original tiles in the early 20th century building, now his workshop, marked his memory as a child.
The pattern is typically Romano-Byzantine the tile itself is square, and squares are also found in the diamond and cross pattern and in the sensation of full and empty spaces.
This was the groundwork for his drawings and the beginning of his fascination with squares, that he develops in enormous variety in his compositions.
Geometric shapes refer to organization of life, the world, cells, crystals, from infinitely tiny to infinitely huge.
Work with geometric shapes and their combinations can be likened to a mystical search for an understanding of the origin of life and how it functions.
Geometric shapes form of their own volition, according to an internal, natural logic.
Using geometric shapes, he creates organically inspired compositions like in nature, every part of the composition serves the whole.
JW does oil on canvas, oil on wood, drawings on paper, glaze on tile, glaze on porcelain, woolen rugs, cotton tapestries.
He also paints on silk, and collaborate for many collections with the belgian fashion designer Jean Paul Knott .
Manual work is a fundamental part of his approach.
The movements of the hand, its approximation and its dexterity, correspond to the man who created the work of art.